“How I Lost All &
Found Myself in Paraty…”

I awake this morning to the birds singing in Portuguese.
And while she is by my side,
All the doors and windows of my heart are open wide!!

I am intoxicated by your charm and peaceful beauty…
Before I stumbled your cobbled streets I was walking blind:
Every stone beneath my feet fills me with an ancient song
That only the lost can truly feel and find.

In every window above me, the eyes of ten thousand ghosts
They gently touch my flesh and bone;
I feel a calm here never felt before…
For the first time in my life I’m not alone.

And I have with me in this beautiful place
An amazing friend and patient guide:
Who walks not in front (or behind me)…
We lead each other, side by side!!

My intuition is so strong here
And with it (and her company) I have no need for gold or wealth:
Sweet Eliana you continue to teach me
That my true guide (in this world) is within myself.

Flying fish – teach this scorpion to lose his fear
And to glide upon this sparkling diamond harbour’s face…
And surrounded by nature and water,
Every time she smiles (for me) my heart it fills with grace.

We walk alone (and yet together), swim, shop, laugh and dance…
With her I am a man lost in time and space:
It is winter but I am not cold, I feel blessed
By her sunlight on my skin and face!!

Eat fine food, meet local artists,
Drink from glasses of red & chase the butterflies blue:
And tonight (like your very own shooting star)
I find myself falling for Paraty and for you!!

Paraty, our time to leave has arrived, but memories
Of your peace and beauty are stained forever in the soles of my feet,
In every cell of my mind…
On a bridge, into your deep waters
(I leave my piece but find my peace):
A gift for you – I will leave my heart behind.

- For Lili.

© Brent M Harpur, July/August 2005.

“I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance…” -ee cummings.




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