What is it all about?

What? Why? How? Who? Where? When?

A Children’s Book for Grown-Ups!!


"What we need in this world is more
people who specialise in the impossible..."
[Theodore Roethke]


In July/August 2005, Brent traveled to Brazil. During this time, he drew a series
of cartoons for a children’s book, depicting some of the adventures he was having.

He also had the exciting opportunity to work with kids while on his holiday, and as
well as teaching them cartooning (and drawing them pictures), he introduced
them to this story-in-progress. Brent showed everyone the cartoons & at the same
time told them the accompanying tale. It was met with great enthusiasm,
not just from the children but also from all the adults present as well.

He has been working hard on these very same pictures,
with friend and fellow-conspirator / computer artist Peta Hird.
The forty-four cartoons that Brent drew have all been scanned into
PhotoShop, and Peta has been working late into the night,
transforming each into an intense colourful masterpiece.
Below are a few examples of how she has taken
the black and white, crinkled and coffee-stained A4 originals
& turned them into vibrant, stunning works of art...

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not..."
[Ralph Waldo Emerson]



What? Why? How? Who? Where? When?


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