Many of Brent's unique services are
ideal for your next conference,
convention, forum or staff retreat...


“Delegates commented Brent was approachable,
courteous, professional & a bloody good artist…
In preparing, he was very detailed, giving the
reassurance that I hired the right man…
We will without a doubt use Brent again for future
events –the benefits outweighed the cost 10 fold.”
–Grosvenor Marketing Manager.

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Grosvenor Financial Services Conference

From running around drawing caricatures of your delegates and guests during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, through to complementary cartooning alongside your keynote speakers and trainers.
How many times have you watched a presenter/speaker relying on PowerPointTM and have technology get the better of them? Brent not only draws quick fire cartoons while they talk, but the subjects can be tailor-made to individual tastes. Also the finished artwork can be kept and displayed around the venue afterwards, to remind people of key points raised. These cartoons can also make great gifts for your guest speakers and trainers.

Brent is also becoming more and more sought after himself as an entertaining, fun speaker and MC. With humour, cartooning and colourful fashion accessories, he guarantees to have your guests enthralled throughout his performance.

And for twenty years, Brent has taken his very own brand of team-building and training into conferences throughout New Zealand and Australia. These have been very popular due to their distinct, fun approach to group learning; encouraging participants to interact more and meet fellow delegates, have a lot of fun and engage in spontaneous bouts of stress release.

Displays and expo stands are also one of Brent's many specialties! At a recent Wellington conference, Brent painted a large cartoon mural over three days, winning the company who employed him the award for Best Original Stand. Brent is getting more and more sought after to draw caricatures at expo stands. This in turn actively encourages people to frequently re-visit the expo-stand.

Brent can consult with your organising committee, to help you come up with playful, yet professional ideas and concepts to make your next event just that little bit
more original, creative and memorable.
Also, Brent has an ever-growing list of professionals who can work with you; ranging from musicians, speakers and entertainers through to technicians and venue providers.

Brent offers special prices when utilising two or more of his services for your next event. For more in-depth information about some (or all) of these services, please click on the various links on the main pages of this website.

Brent will travel ANYWHERE in the world!!!
(All accommodation and airfares
remain the responsibility of the client.)






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