Would you like to learn more about drawing cartoons?? Brent not only runs regular art workshops (all over the country) after school, during weekends and holidays, but he also does one-on-one tuition... And as well as teaching, he also helps his students think about ways they could make a living out of their artwork when they leave school... There are so many ways now that people can use cartooning (and art) in their job. Can you think of some?

These may include: Illustrating children's books, graphic design, web & internet design, advertising, greetings cards, fashion, screen-printing, television & film work, animation, drawing comics... the list is endless... (there are so many more options than just drawing comic strips or political cartoons for the local paper!!)

Would you like Brent to tour one (or a series) of these courses (entitled ‘Drawing on the Light Side’) to your town or city?? If you can help him get enough kids (or adults) together for a workshop (10-15 students is a good number), he will gladly visit where you live...

For more information about the workshops (including referees, places Brent has done it and his unique style of teaching them), please visit the ‘Instruction Page’ on the adults section of this website.

For more info about upcoming workshops in a town or city near you,
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