Click on the video above to watch Brent painting a mural.


When not teaching and performing, Brent has spent nearly fifteen years (since he left artschool) painting giant cartoons everywhere...

Here's a photo of Brent painting a giant cartoon creation at Te Papa, the National Museum of New Zealand.

More recently, he has started painting really large & colourful murals on lots of walls, everywhere from music academies to shops and the outsides of school buildings. He also creates huge cartoon sets for plays, including lots of work for ‘Capital E’ (in Wellington). And he has also helped to paint a few film sets too...

As you can see above, Brent sometimes does realistic artwork as well as cartooning. Recently, a close friend gave Brent permission to paint a mural on her daughter's bedroom wall. After painting it, Brent and his friend decided it would be a really good idea to keep painting his cartoons & realistic art on even more peoples' walls... INSIDE their houses instead of outside.

Maybe you would like one too?? Get your Mum or Dad to get in touch and find out more. As well as being able to paint and create big stuff really fast, he also uses Resene testpots... This helps to keep the murals much more affordable, but also very colourful!! On the 'Production' page of the adults' website, there are a lot more examples of murals Brent has created over the last fifteen years.




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