For the last fifteen years, Brent has travelled all around New Zealand, teaching kids and adults how to draw cartoons... He has done this everywhere from schools and after school programmes, right through to libraries, art galleries and outdoor events... And when not doing this, Brent does a lot of live cartooning & performing, from kids' parties to concerts and beyond!!

You may have been lucky enough to have met Brent while he has been doing some of these things... And you may even have one (or more!) of his cartoons or caricatures on your wall at home. So you've probably got quite used to seeing him popping up everywhere (usually wearing a purple jester’s hat) with pen in hand, drawing wildly!!

He has also been on television a lot over the years, appearing on everything from 'What Now' right through to the 'One Network News' and the 'Good Morning Show.' In 2001 he even had a documentary made about him, that screened on a program by the name of ‘Inside Out’. Brent often appears in newspapers throughout Aotearoa; as he tours around, creating smiles, showing off his bad taste fashion accessories and giving away LOTS of free cartoons & chocolate fish!!

The reason for this website is so that you can keep up to date with Brent, & the crazy adventures he has doing what he thinks is the "best job in the whole universe..."

It has taken a lot of hard work and patience for Brent to be able to do this for a living, and he has had a lot of help and support from people along the way... He has met some pretty amazing, talented and creative people in this country too, drawing everyone from Jonah Lomu to Peter Jackson!! He has even had an email from Rolf Harris (ask your parents)...

And Brent hopes people (young & old) may be inspired by seeing him do his thing... And that they too might make a go of turning their own creativity (or passion) into a job!!!

There is a lot of stuff on Brent's website that is especially written for adults to look at. And hopefully, if they like it, they'll encourage him to keep doing it by giving him more work!! This website is especially for YOU KIDS!!! If there is stuff here you would like to take part in, show it to your parents, a teacher, your librarian or local art gallery... Tell everyone you know to come & visit!! You can even email Brent or write to him (he loves to receive cartoons in the mail)... Give him some feedback about the sorts of things that you'd like to see here, in the Crazy Cartoonists’ Club...

You can also write to Brent and send him your very own cartoons & he'll put them up (here) on the WorldWideWeb for everyone to see... And from time to time, there'll be some exciting competitions (with great prizes) and giveaways too. Let Brent know about what YOU are up to as well, so that the rest of the country (or world?) can read about it here...


So, thanks for visiting the Crazy Cartoonists' Club...Come back soon and see how much new stuff Brent has found the time to put up, for you to check out!! (Keep looking out for your own creations too...)






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