Brent likes to run cartooning workshops in art galleries. These are often during the school holidays (or part of a cartoon-related exhibition), & both kids and adults have enjoyed attending them. As well as teaching people about cartooning, he also like to talk about the role of artists in our society. Brent gives lots of information about the current exhibitions (the art on the gallery's walls), while at the same time giving some insight into why the artist might have created the works. These fun (and extremely active!) workshops also include lots of spontaneous comedy & storytelling... And Brent always draws lots of cartoons (for those attending, to take home) after the workshop has finished.

Some of Brent’s favourite galleries and museums he has worked in throughout Aotearoa include:
‘Te Papa’(the National Museum of New Zealand), the ‘Wellington Museum of Land & Sea’ & ‘Capital E’ (all in Wellington), the ‘Aratoi’ in Masterton, ‘the Dowse’ in Lower Hutt and the ‘Govett Brewster’ in New Plymouth.

If you'd like to see Brent in your local gallery, museum (or public place of art), tell someone who works there to visit this site...





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