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Have you ever drawn a picture of Brent?? If you have met him somewhere,
he usually gives you permission to draw him as ‘ugly’ or as ‘beautiful’
as you like!! You can't offend him ~ the funnier the better!! But he does like
to see some of his facial features in there, just so it looks a little like him!!
(you could even draw him as some kind of animal or alien creature)

So, are you up for the challenge...?
Here is a photo of Brent, to give you a few clues...
(also, his hair colour changes a lot and he sometimes grows a mean ‘fro...
He likes wearing hats, he has big fuzzy eyebrows, a largish nose,
a huge smile, and he doesn't always shave as much as he should!!
And he is ALWAYS eating chocolate and drinking coffee...)

Some grown-ups think he looks like a cross between Rolf Harris, Ben Elton & Elvis Costello!!

Other things he likes: Butterflies, sunflowers, the sea, the moon & stars, painting & drawing cartoons and writing poetry.

If you'd like to see one of your cartoons here on this website, please send it in the post to:

C/- Brent Harpur

PO Box 664 Newtown
NSW 2042

He prefers the real cartoon, as opposed to email, because: he likes to keep
the original to stick on his wall or fridge, and sometimes, when people email
cartoons to him they send HUGE files that make his computer fall over!!

Tips for drawings:
1. Keep them no larger than A4 size so Brent can get them on his scanner.
(Unless it is black and white, and then he can shrink it on the photocopier!!)
2. Draw them in either bright colours or black pens... Avoid fluro-pens
or pencil as the scanner might not be able to scan them as well...
3. There are no rules to cartooning, so let your imagination run wild!!
Brent is more likely to put up the pictures that really show him doing funky,
funny and original things!!! Remember, you can’t offend him,
but please leave off rude words...

If you see your picture here, tell all your family and friends to come and see it too.
But because Brent doesn't have a huge site, it won't be up forever; He'll try and
keep it up for as long as he can. If you write a little bit about yourself and your
age on another piece of paper, Brent will try & put this underneath your cartoon too.



All material on this site is © 2008 Brent M Harpur
and is not to be copied or reproduced without prior consent or excessive bribes of fine, exotic chocolate.