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Are you sick of the same old boring things happening at your birthday party every year??

How about inviting Brent to your next party...? He'll not only draw you (and all your friends & family) lots of cartoons to keep... Brent will also teach you lots of skills in cartooning and play some fun cartooning games... (great for a rainy day!!)

These parties are ideal for ages 4 to 99!! Parents, grandparents (and other guests) are actively encouraged to take part as well... No one is ever too old to learn how to draw...

Brent has been doing this unique brand of party entertainment now for nearly ten years... And the best part is they are not only really fun for kids, but also educational!!! You get to learn all about why a cartoonist does what they do and the role of creative people in the community. But best of all, you learn to draw cartoons as good as Brent does... Some kids have enjoyed having him at their party so much that Brent gets invited back several years in a row!! Both boys AND girls (often together) really enjoy what he does...

And If you ask him nicely, he'll even draw a funny cartoon of your Mum, Dad or Gran at the party! (and don’t forget to tell them that he draws cartoons at grown-up birthday parties too!!)




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