Brent has spent nearly fourteen years visiting schools throughout the country...
He has run his cartooning classes with kids (of all ages, from Primary through to
Secondary Schools) & the teachers often have a lot of fun learning how to draw too!!!

As well as teaching skills in cartooning, he talks about the role of artists
in our society and does some storytelling & comedy as well...
And the best bit is after he has finished teaching, he draws EVERY
kid in the class their very own cartoon to take home. Sometimes,
Brent is asked to do a talk (and draw) at school assemblies or prize givings.

Brent also runs workshops in art, cartooning and creativity just for teachers.
If you are looking at this website at school (and you think your teacher
would like to learn how to draw better) you might like to tell them about Brent.

If you would like to see references for Brent
(and some of the schools that he visited over the years),
please refer to the Referees & Clients button
on the 'Instruction' page of his grown-up site.

Click here to see Brent doing a special Cartoon Painting Show
(this is ideal for a school assembly or special event)

For more info about how to do what Brent does for a living, visit:
and in Search type 'cartoonist'.



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