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"Brent Harpur is a STAR!! He came along to our Customer Christmas function and drew pictures of everybody for 8 solid hours - whilst being forced to listen to very bad karaoke singing!"
(Ericsson Communications Ltd.)

How ‘bout booking an entertainer that can have all your staff & guests enthralled (and filled with laughter) without him even uttering a word? Brent’s mix and mingle cartooning is becoming extremely popular (everywhere from conferences & corporate dinners, weddings, xmas parties, even banks!), as he draws large, friendly portraits of everyone brave enough to be his model!! – And as a bonus to the visual entertainment of watching these caricatures materialise quickly and effortlessly in front of you, everyone gets something unique (and personalised) to take home and remember your function by.

From expo stands to birthday parties... Indoors or out, people of all ages will enjoy Brent’s creative contribution to your next event… And it acts as great 'team-building' too; Watch as one by one your group magically appear in a cartoon… (and at the same time, you'll learn a little more about each other’s favourite foods, sports & secret past-times…) And later, these can be used as a great alternative to those 'more serious' photos of you & your staff on the company web-site or Xmas card.

A safe, friendly and intuitive entertainment package... (and he’s able to multitask too! – talk to him while he is drawing!!) Everyone will be asking whose great idea it was getting Brent along…

From May to December 2010, Brent was hired by Westpac in Newtown Sydney to draw cartoons and caricatures for customers and visitors to the bank. Check out the references page to see more.

Ideal for:
Conferences / Corporate Parties & Events / Private Dinners & Parties / Weddings / Trade Fairs / Markets / Concerts, Festivals & Outdoor Events / Exhibition Openings Expo’s / Hens’ Parties / Presentations / Product Launches / Charity Auctions / Fairs & Galas / Drawing Alongside Keynote Trainers, Speakers & Facilitators, Using Visual Humour / Group Brain-Storming & Mind-Mapping Sessions / School, Library & Gallery Visits / Maraes / Retirement Homes / Memorial Services.




“If you want to appear spontaneous, you have to practice at it!!”
[Rolf Harris.]







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