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…from Keith Haring to van Gogh to Pablo Neruda…

“Since attending a small, independent art school in the late 80’s, I have exhibited my work in numerous group & solo shows throughout NZ Australia.

In the early 90’s (in one of my first group shows), my larger-than-life cartoon murals hung along-side New Zealand war artist Peter McIntyre. Most of the larger scale art I produced during this period was inspired by an exhibition by NewYork ‘Pop’ icon Keith Haring. I loved his colours, intensity & (often brutal) honesty… And the way he took art out of the galleries & back to the people. I was also very inspired by his on-going work with children.
I remember one of my fellow art-students commenting on my giant cartoons:
“They are like Colin McCahon – but with a sense of humour!!”

In late 1993, I traveled to Melbourne, Australia to visit a Van Gogh exhibition. Returning home, my style of painting (and how I applied it) dramatically changed – I no longer painted giant cartoons, instead turning to elements of ‘impressionism’ (thanks Vincent) & my growing fascination/love for the sea & nature. In the late 90’s I began to incorporate sculptural components to these pieces; attaching rocks & pebbles to the surface of the paint, and adding original (unashamedly romantic) poetry & the odd watercolour cartoon.

My most recent works have been bringing together an eclectic blend of seascape, cartoon & word, but on a larger scale. Themes include: celebrating my Nghi Tahu & Celtic ancestry; exploring my lack of eyesight (and how this influences my methods & style); and (since a life-changing adventure to Brazil) a new-found love and appreciation for Latin-American visual art, music & literature.

It is my belief that ALL art (whether it be the visual arts, music, dance, theatre, filmmaking - add your discipline here) must contain within it a story or dialogue for its intended audience. Storytelling is essential – it is passed down from generation to generation and gives a universality & immediacy to the arts; allowing it to be understood & appreciated in any language age
or culture.

Accept the challenge – Don’t be afraid to tell your story!!! It is worth telling and is unique, exciting & important for future generations to come...”


“When art is young it slighteth nature – And when old,
it loves her every feature!!” [Charles Harpur, 1813 - 1868.]


All Titles, Paintings and Poetry © Brent M Harpur 2011.










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